Too many hiring mistakes?

Hiring mistakes are rising. Traditional interview questions are too well known and can be manipulated. We’ve reinvented the interview process to help companies identify authentic applicants and weed out the pretenders.  

We’ve led world class recruiting teams and realized the old ways had become easily manipulated. In response, we reinvented the interview process, tested the results and saw measured improvements on a controlled study of 200 consecutive hires.  

We provide advanced interviewing methods.

Our Guided Instinct Interviewing™ is a new and proven way to improve hiring. In four key areas, your interviewers will be provided the proprietary tools and training to:

1. Determine Strategic and Company Fit

2. Develop Models for Higher Performance

3. Receive Advanced Screening Guides

4. Learn to Conduct the Structured Conversation

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"Recruiting methods that produce high returns"  

High Return Selection™, Toronto, ON

Advance Your Interview Skills
Improve the speed and quality of hiring.
Advance Your  Interviewing SkillsAlign Recruitment to the Strategic PlanEnhance Your Recruiting Team