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We believe a company is only as good as its people. When a company struggles to find good people, it leaves holes impacting customers, fellow employees and the entire business. It also creates opportunity for competitors. Although leaders often assume it’s due to skill shortages, we find the opposite. There are many good people out there if you know how to find them.

When a company struggles to find good people the challenge is usually internal. Hiring teams need some new ideas and a different perspective. We provide the help your team may need to develop a strategy, get organized and learn more advanced recruiting methods.

Our team has over 115 years of combined, world-class recruiting experience and we stay current with leading approaches. In addition we are also the developers of many new and highly effective recruiting methods including Guided Instinct Interviewing™

Using our unique methods, we will assess your recruiting process and identify the issues that are probably impeding your hiring success. Then we’ll provide a plan and in real-time, help you organize your recruiting process and develop the abilities of your hiring team. Our unique hiring process has proven successful in many industries. We follow the Lean Sigma approach coupled with our trademarked High Return Selection™ methodology that has proven to accelerate the hiring of top candidates while usually lowering hiring costs.

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