Can’t find good people?   Taking too long to hire?

Our Innovative Recruiting Platform Can Improve Your Hiring

We continually see that companies with great employees gain higher returns. The key is having good recruiting methods. We help companies improve their ability to hire great employees.

How We Created our Unique Methods
 Our team has decades of global recruiting and talent management experience. We’ve led teams and established best-in-class recruiting methods. Several years ago we realized traditional methods were no longer effective. Upon analysis, we identified multiple issues and to improve recruiting, we reinvented the entire system.

What We Provide
The foundation of our recruiting systems is our trademarked Guided Instinct Interviewing™. This new and advanced approach takes recruiting to a much higher level.  Our methods have been used on hundreds of hires and shown to improve the speed and quality of hiring.  

We provide three essential recruiting platforms:

 Advance Your Interviewing Skills
In real-time, we provide, develop and certify your interviewers in our Guided Instinct Interviewing™ method. 

Align Recruitment to the Strategic Plan
Industry leaders know what differentiates their business.  We help companies form a recruitment strategy that builds and reinforces this competitive advantage. 

Enhance Your Recruiting Team
Many companies tell us they can't find good people. The problem is that their methods have fallen behind. We assess, provide a plan, and develop the skills of your hiring team.  

"Recruiting methods that produce high returns"  

High Return Selection™, Toronto, ON

Advance Your  Interviewing SkillsAlign Recruitment to the Strategic PlanEnhance Your Recruiting Team

We'll equip you with the right tools to find great people much faster.