"Recruiting methods that produce high returns"  

High Return Selection™, Toronto, ON

“As Senior Vice President in one of the world’s leading Investment Management companies as well as serving as Board Member for the National Investment Company Service Association (NICSA), I found this selection process to be very effective in identifying and hiring high achievers.

The results were surprisingly strong. Those hired demonstrated faster progress with typical attrition dropping from 15 to virtually 0% ”
— Financial Services
“Sales Managers were more confident hiring and sales turnover was reduced by 33%, saving ~ 20 reps per year”
— Communications Company

"Turnover from poor hiring was reduced by 38%, saving the time and costs needed to replace ~ 17 technical staff each year.”
— Wireless Technology

“We began enhancing our traditional approach by using the Guided Instinct Interviewing™ method… we are finding it successful and what is most important is that our National Sales Managers quickly embraced and began using it with ease.”
— VP Operations, National Communications Organization
“I have been using this advanced interviewing method for several years and have seen a substantial increase in the quality of hires and a reduction in unwanted turnover. This technique also makes you feel confident of the hiring decision. Managers continually express their appreciation for the caliber of hires and faster time to productivity.”
— Talent Manager, Finance and High Technology
“Transitioned from not finding good people to filling key positions in less than 12 weeks.”
— Instrumentation
“We implemented our company wide profit improvement program over two consecutive years. The gains in financial performance exceeded our aggressive targets, generating tens of millions of dollars. The process also helped develop the business acumen and leadership abilities of many employees.”
— Director of Finance, Global Electronics
Turnover and time to fill positions have both significantly dropped.”
— Construction
“Since implementing Guided Instinct Interviewing™ our sales managers are more confident in their hiring, the quality is up and unwanted turnover is down. In fact we even use this method to validate our sales assessment profiling reports.”
— B2B Sales

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