Why We Do This

We are passionate about recruiting and enjoy helping companies improve their hiring. In our view, the recruiting process is the first step in forming a strong foundation with your employees. Hiring exceptional people who fit with your company’s strategic mission, values and your leadership style can generate very high returns.

How We Created our Unique Methods

Our team has decades of global recruiting and talent management experience. We’ve led teams and established best-in-class recruiting methods. Several years ago we realized traditional methods were no longer effective. Upon analysis, we identified multiple issues and to improve recruiting, we reinvented the entire system.

What We Provide

The foundation of our recruiting systems is our trademarked Guided Instinct Interviewing™. This new and advanced approach takes recruiting to a much higher level and is also the core of our innovative Strategic Hiring and the methods by which we develop and train each company’s recruiters.

Our methods are unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

We work in “real-time.” This means we teach your team while working on actual job openings. Your company fills its open positions while you build a state of the art recruiting system. By taking this approach, you move control of the process inside your company and protect your Intellectual Property.

Finally our clients only pay if satisfied...

About The Founders

Tom Armour

Tom Armour has designed and implemented best-in-class hiring systems for leading companies throughout the world. Approximately ten years ago he noticed a trend; traditional methods were no longer working and hiring mistakes were on the rise. In response, he and his colleagues completely reinvented the recruiting process and developed the Guided Instinct Interviewing™ system. In a study of over 200 new hires, the quality improved substantially, the speed of hiring increased and costs declined. He is a graduate in the field of Economics and has a strong background in profit improvement, change management, Lean Sigma, QIP and other TQM specializations. 

Kristina Vohma

Kristina Vohma is a leader in the field of career management and human relations. She has worked for some of North America’s leading management consulting firms and coached over a 1,000 professionals and executives. It became evident that her clients were better prepared than company interviewers. In response, Kristina joined Tom Armour and together reinvented the recruiting process and co-developed Guided Instinct Interviewing™. She now provides advanced interview and selection training to progressive companies. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a Board Certified Career Management Fellow.

"Recruiting methods that produce high returns"  

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